The Youth Survival Project


The Youth Survival Project created by Gumersindo Vidot Author of the autobiography “You Only Live Twice”. The book is about him growing up in Harlem and South Bronx New York as a poverty stricken 8 year old alcoholic and Gang member. Gumersindo became a heroine addict at 9 years old. Through his boughts with Drugs, Violence, Gangs and Racism he survived to become a successful Philadelphia business owner and raised a family successful. Though his abusive past is behind him remnants of those days linger. He has undertaken the task of trying to prevent other young people from falling victim to the demons he faced. He teamed up with Emmitt Thrower and Wabi Sabi Productions a 501 c3 Not For Profit to develop and institute the YOUTH SURVIVAL PROJECT. A Resource whose mission is to help secure and save our youth through mentoring, education, employment and agency referrals. Partnering with the communities and community agents to help them formulate a plan for survival.

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“You only live twice” is the tittle of the Award winning book written by Gumersindo Vidot which is the same tittle of the song composed by Mc Magic, and chorus song by D. Salas for the upcoming Documentary produced by Stuart Films LLC , along with Award winning Director/Cameraman, Tony Clomax that is being released this summer (2011)

The book is the Autobiography of Gumersindo Vidot’s life, and how it was lived, and survived in the mean streets of Spanish Harlem, and the South Bronx in the early sixties/seventies.

Drugs, gangs, guns, riots, murder, racism, corruption, police brutality were just some of the many battles, and demons that had to be fought daily just to stay afloat.

It is a TRUE STORY of courage, endurance, love, and hate. A test of faith…

From those very same streets that just about consumed him also came the strength he needed to overcome, and break :The Ghettos Grip”



Welcome to Sindo Radio! You are Invited to Join us on Sunday nights at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. This show will feature the positive words from GV as he sheds light on his award winning book YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE! Here’s the Link!

 MC Magic producer and artiit of the theme song for the movie   “You Only Live Twice” which features the book “You Only Live Twice” written by Gumersindo Vidot

MC Magic was born Marco Cardenas in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico but was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Cardenas established the label Nastyboy Records to showcase his productions and talent. Soon thereafter he released his first hit single “Lost in Love”. The single did very well considering local radio stations only gave it minimal airplay in the evenings. In 1995, he released his first full-length album, Don’t Worry, which enabled him to recruit other artists to form the group Nastyboy Klick. With MC Magic’s production touch, the Nastyboy Klick spawned a number of regional hits, particularly “Down for Yours” featuring Roger Troutman, which peaked at number ten on the Top Rap singles of the country. After appearing on the front page of Phoenix newspaper The Arizona Republic in 1997, MC Magic started to receive calls to tour nationally, placing him far ahead of many other Phoenix-based artists in terms of popularity. By the beginning of the new millennium, his group had been trimmed down to just three members and renamed themselves the NB Ridaz.

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